How Do You Harvest??

As we are at the outset of beginning our Good Journey, I am excited to share with anyone interested my first End of Summer Harvest experience. Although I did not grow these vegetables (Next Year?) they came into my possession along with zucchinis and apples and I am overjoyed to transform them into something amazingly delicious. Or several somethings.

Sixteen pounds of tomatoes. Did I mention that I (used to) HATE TOMATOES!!!?? I am 1/4 Greek, and I do not like fresh tomatoes! A contradiction in terms, as my mother never fails to let me forget 🙂 For the last two days, I have made four different kinds of tomato sauce and boy am I glad that my taste buds have changed over the years! While I find slices of fresh tomato undressed or lightly dressed to still be thoroughly unappetizing I have discovered an  appreciation for tomatoes I never used to have.

Part of an Inherited Tomato Harvest.
Part of an Inherited Tomato Harvest.

Back in 2012, my partner and I moved back in with mom to care for her through a lengthy workers comp battle. In the process we realized how small and important our family is, and the decision to care for my mother into her twilight years instead of dumping her off into an old folks home (she is single) was made in short order.

This kicked off the discussion that revealed our desires for a more family-centric, back to basics/back to the land kind of existence and lead to awareness and realizations that ultimately led us to subscribing to our first Community Supported Agriculture Subscription box of veggies. Not long after, my first EVER heirloom tomatoes showed up one week and I was inspired by how beautiful they were, but sad that I did not appreciate the flavor of a meaty tomato the way that others do.

When life hands you tomatoes, MAKE SOME SAUCE! I have always been a fan of pasta and tomato sauce (I have always enjoyed processed tomatoes, oddly enough) and certain salsas. There is a bruschetta recipe that opened my mind (and my taste buds) further in relation to tomatoes, so reflecting back on that I decided to make some Fresh Heirloom Tomato Pasta Sauce that first time where normally I would pawn them off on someone else- such as mom.

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW that first batch of sauce got me HOOKED!!!! I remember being surprised by how difficult it was to find a recipe for fresh sauce. How crazy that most of our recipes to make tomato sauce include canned tomatoes! I blame the Great Depression era of famine.

So I got some end of season heirloom tomatoes whilst doing some shopping at Imwalle Gardens in Santa Rosa, CA for Produce last week. I laid eyes on these beautiful heirlooms and was reminded of the first sauce. Within a day or two of getting them home and making my sauce, I received the 16 pounds, some Marijuana plant clippings (hello, butter!) and large zucchinis.IMG_1278

The sauces I just finished up can be found here:

Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce

Classic Heirloom Tomato Sauce

Oven Roasted Enchilada Sauce

I will post about the individual recipes and my thoughts, but I was not as detailed as I should have been when taking pictures, so the posts may not be is well pictured as they could be. Sorry!

Now, on to the sweet side of Harvest! Time to get to the apples I haven’t weighed out yet…..


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